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Providing high quality, athlete centered triathlon coaching for all abilities.

Free 8 week triathlon training programs for Dambuster Athletes provided by 100% Tri



Upgrade offers available including bespoke coaching plans 

Free 8 Week Plan

About Team 100% Tri...


Formed in 2016 Team 100% Tri was born out of a desire to support athletes and swimmers in the best way possible, by putting them first. Having the opportunity to receive top level coaching and support along with accountability which is normally only available to sponsored teams and top-flight athletes drives personal performance like never before.

As a Pacesetter event entrant we hope that you will take the opportunity to experience these training plans and boost your training ready for the season ahead. With the support of Team 100% Tri behind you we cant wait to see just how much you can achieve at our events in 2024!

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