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Useful information

Please let us know if there's anything more you need to know!
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14c and under = wetsuit compulsory
23c = Advisory Non-wetsuit.

Water temperature comfortably hit 18c in 2018, 2019, 2021 & 2022.



The dambuster triathlon is subject to BTF rules. The full list of race rules can be found HERE

Some of the 'biggies' are listed below.


You must wear the swim hat provided.

You must start in your designated wave.

No music players or recording equipment.

Roadworthy bikes only.

Proper helmets that fulfil our safety checks.

Race number/bib to be displayed on your back during the bike and your front during the run.

Race number stickers must be clearly displayed on your bike.

No littering.

Respect the marshals.

Torso covered on the run.

The event will be judged by representatives from BTF who are completely independent to the event organisers. Any decisions are subject to the proper protest channels. Pacesetter events do not get involved in any disputes

(it's right and proper that they are independent).

TOILETS - Available across the site. There are two toilet blocks at Whitwell. One on the side of the Watersports building and another in the Cycle centre car park. We will have Porta loos in transition and in the general event site.

CHANGING FACILITIES - Changing rooms and showers are available at Rutland Watersports during their usual opening hours.

OTHER ACTIVITIES ON SITE - Rutland Cycling, Aquapark, Rutland Watersports, The Rutland Belle, Outdoor Gym.

PARKING - Ample parking is available and free to event participants on race day and when attending registration. Spectators will have to pay for parking at the standard Anglian Water rate.

REGISTRATION - Registration is available on Saturday evening and for 1 hour on Sunday morning. (please see the full timetable on the main event page)

BAG DROP - There will be an event shelter in transition where you can leave your baggage. It is left entirely at your own risk. Transition will be accessible for athletes only. Please leave valuables in your vehicle or with a spectator.

RACE BRIEFING - The race briefing will be conducted just before the swim start. Attendance is compulsory and we will cover any last minute changes as well as important race information. 

VISITORS- Very welcome to come along and support their athletes. If attending in separate cars they will have to pay the standard Anglian water parking charges. There is a cafe at the start and finish line serving a range of food and drink throughout the event. Pleas bee aware of the road closures from 6:30am - 9:30am preventing access to Whitwell. Spectators may go to Sykes Lane (following diversion routes) and access the course. 

PRIZE GIVING - To take place at the finish line as soon as the podium positions are confirmed. Approximately 12:00pm

WHAT TO EXPECT BEFORE THE EVENT - We do not send anything in the post prior to the event. You will collect everything at registration. We will send out a full race guide 2 weeks prior to the race. 

TRANSITION - You have a limited space in transition. No bags or boxes please. We will remove them. Only necessary items around your transition space.

MINIMUM AGE OF ENTRY- You must be 16 yrs or older on event day to take part in the Dambuster sprint triathlon. 18 years old to race in the standard distance.

SWAPPING ENTRIES - You may only swap your entry within the terms and conditions. For full details please follow the link on the main event webpage.

WHAT IS A BTF DAY LICENCE? - BTF day membership gives you third party insurance and is a pre requisite of taking part in this event. You must have an annual licence or you will need to purchase a day licence to take part. 

WHAT IF I DON'T HAVE A LICENCE? - You can pay for a licence at race registration.


You can swim in Whitwell creek every Sunday throughout the summer with inspire2tri but the course will differ. 

CAN I PRACTICE THE BIKE COURSE? - The bike course is on closed roads for the race but they are open to the public at any other time. You are allowed to ride on the course at any time as long as you abide by the traffic laws and exercise caution. Some of the turn points are dangerous if the road is not closed so please find a safe and suitable place close to the turn points rather than following them exactly as marked on the map.

CAN I PRACTICE THE RUN COURSE? - You may access the run course during park opening hours. 

WHAT NUTRITION WILL BE ON COURSE? - The course nutrition will vary depending on the stage of the race. We will have water, energy gel, energy drinks and a few snacks. 

CAN I CHANGE MY RACE DETAILS - You must log onto your members hub to change your personal details. Please keep them up to date. 

CAN I VOLUNTEER AND JOIN THE EVENT TEAM - Get in touch at we would love to welcome you onto our team.

IM NEW TO TRIATHLON, WHERE DO I START? I WANT TO BECOME A DAMBUSTER! - We want to support you with our event partners. We're compiling a comprehensive guide to get you started on your journey. We would also suggest the club network across the UK. As soon as we publish the guide please feel free to use it, ask questions or suggest ways we can support you further. 

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